How does reverse mentoring work and what are the benefits?

As a global company we employ a diverse range of people from different cultures, generations and backgrounds, all of whom have different levels of experience. Traditionally, mentoring has helped the older generations pass on their experience to younger employees. But the world is changing and growing at a rapid pace. New innovations, digital solutions and technological devices are created every day. So it’s vital that all our employees are able to navigate and understand this digital environment, regardless of their position, age or background. ALL NEWS  |  Life at AXA
Oct 15, 2015

Knowledge sharing

That’s where Reverse Mentoring comes in. Reverse mentoring creates an environment where different generations can share their knowledge and learn from one another. It matches senior executives with digital natives to help them become more digital savvy and understand the behaviours of new generations – both employees and customers.
In return, senior executives can use their experience to support younger generations with their career goals, to share valuable insights into the business, and to help them network and meet new people.
Meet Ewa Sulima, Global Project Manager for the Reverse Mentoring Program at AXA. Ewa created the program last year from scratch and now there are 44 entities around the world taking part, in 26 countries. That’s a total of 938 participants (440 mentors & 498 mentees), a number which continues to grow.

What do our mentors say?

“The reverse mentoring experience was a great development in terms of empathy (i.e. understanding what the mentee is looking for, what interests him or her and adapting the sessions accordingly), as well as for my ability to engage and interact with a senior leader by stepping back to understand and explain what my own user experience/behaviour is.”

And our mentees?

“I’ve discovered a lot of cool apps that I’ve never used before. This experience has given me a more robust view of apps, features and privacy especially. There is so much out there in the digital world that the more we interact, the more we can discover.”

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