Science in Pictures: Science is Beautiful!

When Researchers supported by the AXA Research Fund showcase themselves... they look amazing! Discover the virtual photo exhibition and follow AXA Research Fellows' daily work as they strive to crack unsolved mysteries behind some of the risks that matter to us all. ALL NEWS  |  Risk & Research
Jul 4, 2014

As illustrating research on risks is particularly challenging, the AXA Research Fund asked its supported researchers to showcase their work in a creative way. The AXA Research Fund has awarded the grantees providing the most original photo, portraying them in a way that clearly evokes their research topic.

The first prize of €1,500 has been awarded by a selected and impartial Jury to Ted McCormack, for his photo illustrating his work on risk assessment for groundwater flooding.

The AXA employees have awarded the second prize of €1,000 to Doctor Ruth Fernández-García, for her photo illustrating her work on the extinction of dolphins.

These photos also feature in the "Science is beautiful" virtual exhibition we invite you to discover, along with a dozen other pictures of supported researchers worldwide, who succeeded in popularizing their research in an inspiring and original way.