SharyDrive: Let's get the party started!

AXA Prévention launched a free 100 % mobile app named SharyDrive: an offer, designed for the 18-25 years old people, that allows users to find friends for going in a party and get back home safely. This app is exclusively available for the 30 million French people registered on Facebook. ALL NEWS  |  Digital
Jan 5, 2016

The objective of AXA Prévention is to improve road safety of young drivers, the leading cause of death among this population. How? As most of them use the Facebook "Event" feature to organize parties (around 16 million events are created every month on Facebook), SharyDrive will be automatically synchronized with the events and identify friends who attend in order to help users organize their nights out.

This will then facilitate the organization of their round trip transportation and make it safer thanks to playful and preventive features: driving ability test, taxi reservation, access to the emergency phone numbers etc. The SharyDrive's users can also download the AXA Drive app which analyzes driving habits and gives specific advices.

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