The AXA Research Fund is Stepping Up its Support for Fundamental Risks Research

On the occasion of its eighth anniversary, the Fund announced the allocation of € 15 million to 44 new research projects with leading academic institutions in 19 countries. ALL NEWS  |  Risk & Research
Apr 3, 2015

Since 2007, AXA's scientific philanthropy initiative to support risk-related fundamental research, has provided a total of EUR 131 million in financing for 449 projects: 156 projects are focused on environmental risks, 183 on health risks, and 110 on socio-economic risks.

AXA has incorporated support for fundamental research among its priority initiatives in corporate responsibility. In addition to committing financial support to world-class research projects, the role of the AXA Research Fund is to encourage researchers to share and circulate knowledge as widely as possible in order to inform public debate.

Held on April 2, 2015, the AXA Research Fund's annual event showcasing the new funded projects, was an illustration of this unique approach. This event encompassed:

  • Presentations by Henri de Castries on AXA's vision for the role of research, by Professor Thomas Kirkwood, Chairman of the Scientific Board of AXA Research Fund, on efforts to strengthen excellence-based partnerships, and by Economics Nobel Prize winner Jean Tirole on the benefits of philanthropic partnerships between the research and corporate worlds, illustrated by the Chair in Economics and Finance launched in 2008 at the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) with support from the AXA Research Fund.
Henri de Castries
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of AXA (2000-2016)

AXA's philanthropic commitment to research is based on our genuine conviction that improving knowledge about the global risks landscape is key to the preservation and harmonious development of our societies. The 449 research teams around the world, which we are proud to support around the world through the AXA Research Fund help us all to better anticipate, prevent and face the consequences of major risks in various fields, such as climate change, pandemics, longevity, or sociopolitical events and many more

Jean Tirole
Economics Nobel Prize winner

Corporate support for independent scientific research is key to better understanding the real-life stakes and challenges faced by private and public decision-makers in today's fast-changing and complex world. Such collaborations help unveil new, more innovative and relevant lines of research.
AXA was among the first companies to support TSE and its research teams, and we are very grateful for its unwavering commitment to our project. We look forward to the future of this research partnership!

Discover the Chair in Economics and Finance launched in 2008 at the Toulouse School of Economics.

  • A roundtable discussion on the implications of longevity, with academics and an AXA expert exchanging points of view on the major social and economic issues raised by populations living longer.
  • A workshop led by scientific researchers and experts devoted to the topic of "Fostering the Role of Science in the Climate Change Debate", intended to spotlight scientists' contributions in the run-up to the COP 21 climate conference in Paris.

Main 2015 projects

Environmental Risks

Fifteen projects selected in nine countries

Focus on the future of cities and their ability to meet the challenges they face. The effects of climate change on natural resources are at the heart of a number of projects. Pollution, melting ice caps, impact of climate change on expanding cities, action by communities, as well as volcanic eruptions, solar storms and more.

Life Risks

Fourteen projects selected in 11 countries

A first Chair in Mexico, in Public Health. Focus on early detection of pandemics in Asia: a major health, social and economic challenge for our societies. Longevity, access to public healthcare, but also the molecular aspects of cancer, modeling risk in human behavior, mechanisms of resistance and transmission in viral and bacterial diseases, etc.

Socio-economic Risks

Fifteen projects selected ten countries

Two flagship projects in Asia. New formats for research partnerships with AXA on issues related to the development of information systems and data sharing practices. Financial protection for households, Chinese market reform, mechanics of China's monetary system and its effects on the global economy, plus efforts to preserve vulnerable cultural heritage, public service overload, migration in connection with social and climate-related upheaval, corporate liability in cross-border litigation, etc.