"Taking care of my health so that I can look after my grandson for as long as possible"

Learn more about the real life story of Angel in Hong Kong and how AXA employees support her by providing her with the best possible access to the healthcare system. ALL NEWS  |  Health insurance
Jun 22, 2015

Angel Lau is a young grandmother living in Hong Kong's New Territories. She looks after her health because she wants to see her grandchildren grow up and also help her own children. She prefers to consult a private doctor rather than use the public health system, but it is more expensive. She has therefore taken out private health insurance so that she can benefit from the best care.

In Hong Kong, AXA supports its customers by providing them with the best possible access to the healthcare system:

Li Mei Chung
Customer Adviser

The key thing in my job is the ability to listen to people. My customers have very different needs so it is important to identify each person's specific needs so that we can propose the right solution.

Victor Wong
Emergency Assistance Coordinator

When customers need emergency medical assistance, my role is to make sure they get the right care: for example, guiding them towards the right specialist or making a specialized vehicle available. Teamwork, commitment, empathy and the ability to listen are all key in my role.

Eugene Kevin Poon
Regional Head of IT Finance

Customer files must always be readily accessible and protected, whether online or with an adviser. My job is to make sure that our information systems work properly and that information about our customers is kept confidential.

Consumer habits and needs are changing rapidly. Our customers are now used to dealing directly and more or less instantaneously via the Internet, but they also need advice and a personal relationship. AXA has to be able to provide the same standard of interaction across all delivery channels. People must be free to choose how they want to interact with AXA at any time and be guaranteed a smooth, seamless high-quality user experience.

People, businesses and large corporations are all faced with a wealth of new opportunities - and new risks - arising from technological disruption, for example, or climate change; it is up to us to devise effective, innovative solutions to protect them.

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