How Much Water do you EAT?

On average, we consume more than 3,400 liters of water each day. But we only use about 250 liters a day for drinking, cooking and washing. How can this figure be explained? ALL NEWS  |  Risk & Research
Jun 10, 2015

It's our water footprint. In addition to the water we consume directly, we indirectly use more than 3,000 liters of water a day through the food we eat and drink. So 92% of the water we consume is used to produce our food: this is called virtual water.

It takes an average of 16,000 liters of water to produce one kg of beef, 4,000 liters for one kg of chicken, 215 liters for one kg of tomatoes and 110 liters for a glass of wine!

Of all the water on the Earth, only 0.5% of it is available to us as fresh water. It is a valuable resource that could be running out of.

In this first episode of the AXA Research Files, with the help of expert Water Economist Esther Delbourg, supported by the AXA Research Fund, our science presenter explores the astonishing amounts of water we all use in our everyday lives, how we consume it, where that water comes from and some simple things we can all do to reduce our consumption.

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