Thomas Buberl Chief Executive Officer of AXA

“We want to empower people to live a better life”

Apr 26, 2017

"Today, AXA is a world leader and an industry benchmark, and it is with great humility and enthusiasm that I have taken on the mantle of leadership.

I would like to pay tribute to the incredible job done by Claude Bébéar, Henri de Castries and everyone who supported them, to make the Group what it is today in the space of just a few decades. What they achieved is quite unique!

To drive this development forward in the future, our aim is to empower people to live a better life. We must continue to support our customers better, especially when it comes to new risks, by protecting them and helping them to act and do business freely. But I am also convinced that the role played by insurers has to evolve radically. Today, our customers want a genuine partner for their day-to-day life, not just a “benefit payer.”

In practical terms, this means that we have to act very early on to prevent unfortunate events from happening or, if they do, to mitigate their impacts. We are already a recognized player in prevention, but we have to do more and do it faster, largely by harnessing all the opportunities offered by new technologies.

We must help our customers to save time and make their everyday lives easier in whatever ways we can, from the simplest to the most innovative. We must also be more present, not just when an accident happens. The possibilities are endless!

All of these transformations are now underway and some are already well advanced. Today, we have to move up a gear, and not be afraid to challenge ourselves. This way we will be able to embrace new growth horizons and play a driving role to serve society and the economy. That’s what Ambition 2020 is all about."

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