What are the mega trends of today’s global finance?

Today, AXA and the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London celebrate the launch of a Chair in Global Finance, held by Prof. Victor Murinde, with € 1 million support from AXA. The Chair aims at understanding how the world economy will be shaped over the next 30 years, through the analysis of financial mega trends. ALL NEWS  |  Risk & Research
Feb 13, 2018

Professor Victor Murinde is a financial economist, with more than 25 years’ expertise, mainly involving university research and teaching, but also including senior-level stints at practitioner, policy and consultancy roles for governments and leading international organizations.

As the holder of the AXA Chair, he is committed to improving the understanding of mega trends in the world’s financial and economic systems, which critically influence financial stability and growth outcomes. The Chair also aims at promoting financial stability and growth in the global economy, including in newly emerging markets and low-income countries.

A full-day event is organized and hosted by SOAS University of London, AXA Research Fund and AXA Investment Managers to celebrate the appointment of Professor Murinde. It brings together world-leading scholars, practitioners and policy makers to discuss pressing issues and new developments in global finance. Various AXA speakers are also attending:

  • Laurent Clavel, Head of Macroeconomic Research at AXA Investment Managers ;
  • Hassan El Shabrawishi, Strategic Development Officer for Africa ;
  • Jad Ariss, Group Head of Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility.

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