Announcing the Winners of the Kerala Road Safety Hackathon

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Sep 9, 2015

During two days, over 170 participants (42 teams) between young students and middle-aged entrepreneurs devised and created concepts for software- or hardware-based programs and applications to reduce the risk of traffic injuries in India. The practical solutions provided by the participants were part of the "Four Es" of Road Safety (Engineering, Enforcement, Education, Emergency Care Management/Post-Crash Management).

After an initial selection phase, 13 ideas were short-listed and then presented to all 42 teams. They included:
- Motorcycle telematics: how wearable devices can provide health and GPS data to smartphones, and could be used in telematics (including anxiety management while driving).
- Drones that carry emergency aid more quickly than vehicles traveling by road.
- "Smart helmets": besides providing better protection, this helmet features an embedded radio device paired with the bike that only allows it to start for someone wearing the helmet (the helmet also features a tail light).
- Smart traffic lights that provide real time traffic situation information via GPS and cloud services, particularly in remote areas where GPS data is not always accurate.
- "Raksha Beacon", a crash device that can communicate an alarm to a nearby police station or ambulance and be used as a phone in case of a sudden brake event correlated to an accident. This team was quite interested by AXA's willingness to fund startups and has begun discussions about funding the project.
- "Third eye": a real-time monitoring system for crowd-sourced traffic events.
- "Bon voyage": a mobile app that gives credit points to drivers for good driving behavior which can be subsequently redeemed.

The winners of the Hackathon are:
- Software category: "Third eye"
- Hardware category: "Smart helmet"
- Most innovative solution category: "Bon voyage"

Each winning team won 190,000 rupees ($2,860) and all the solutions developed at the Hackathon will be passed on to the public free of charge. Following the event's success (with 170 participants) and the wealth of ideas generated, AXA and the IFC have expressed intention to replicate the hackathon in other countries.

Road safety is a major concern in India as the country has 11% of all traffic injuries worldwide. Children, pedestrians and two-wheelers are involved in 78% of fatal road accidents.

This initiative is part of the global partnership between the IFC and AXA to help boost insurance coverage, improve safety and foster economic growth in emerging markets. Launched in September 2014, one of the main areas of cooperation is to improve road safety, and this Hackathon slots into the continuous implementation of these common actions. AXA strongly believes in the benefits of disruptive solutions that leverage the power of digital competencies and the collective intelligence of communities.

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