Women and Children First?

As the Rugby World Cup opens today and gets under way, stadiums will be packed with tens of thousands of people, and so crowd safety becmes incredibly important. ALL NEWS  |  Risk & Research
Sep 18, 2015

However, what is surprisingly difficult to control is our own person, and how we react in a group. When a crowd suddenly wants to leave a space quickly, everyone at the same time, we may run into serious trouble.

Who hasn't experienced the sensation of being trapped in a crowd on a packed train, or in a full auditorium, pinned down by the large flow of bodies? The question you really don't want to ask yourself in that moment is: if the crowd starts to panic, and you're stuck in the middle, what do you do?

In this second episode of the AXA Research Files, with the help of Mathematical Engineer Nikolaï Bode, supported by the AXA Research Fund, our Science Presenter explores how crowds behave in a panic, and how awareness can help us make public spaces safer.

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