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AXA Hearts in Action International Activity Report

AXA Hearts in Action 2009 International Activity Report

Dec 31, 2009

Face: volunteers at the heart of the community

Our business is based on long-term commitments and naturally thrives on the relationships of trust that we build with our partners. Through our actions, we strive to earn and maintain this trust, but also to contribute to the development of the communities in which we do business.
Thanks to AXA Hearts in Action, there are now close to 20,000 AXA staff in the world who over the last 20 years have been involved on a day-to-day basis in community work and volunteer projects to assist people living with illness or a disability, to help children and seniors in need, to fight extreme poverty and exclusion, and to protect the environment.

AXA staff members have faced these societal challenges armed with nothing more than their time and dedication. Volunteering for an AXA Hearts in Action project means participating in moments of sharing and solidarity that will remain extremely memorable life experiences. But volunteering is also about opening up to others, learning and growing through interaction with people in difficulty and perhaps even discovering something new about oneself.