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AXA Papers

AXA Papers No.1: Longevity

May 11, 2010


The advancements in longevity in developed countries have been dramatic over the last few decades, though these improvements do not impact all countries uniformly. Experts do not agree on what the future holds in terms of longevity. Some demographers estimate that the trend will continue at its current pace or perhaps more steadily than it has, while others argue that life expectancy will increase at a slower rate, stabilize, or even decline in some developed countries due to socio-environmental variables.

The drivers of longevity remain complex, and the consequences of emerging threats (obesity, electromagnetic waves, genetic engineering, pollution, etc.) on life expectancy are controversial and hotly debated.

  1. Evolution of longevity
  2. Modeling longevity risk
  3. The main questions surrounding longevity