Our size and diversity of activities means our people have many opportunities to evolve, by moving roles cross-functionally or internationally, based on their performance and aspirations. Opportunities that would be unavailable to them in smaller structures.

Want to change roles?

The average AXA employee has been part of our team for nearly 11 years. And part of the reason, is our commitment to empower them to upskill, through our various learning initiatives (over 84% of our workforce has received a form of training!). Initiatives allowing them to potentially change roles cross-functionally, thus broadening their professional horizons.

Richard Outtrabady
Digital Project Manager/ Product Owner for AXA IT

My generation embraces change and isn’t married to a single job. I started at AXA in 2005, as a graphic designer working on e-learning modules. But then I switched to coding, before going towards web development in 2013. And just a few months ago I switched again, becoming a Product Owner! I never had any apprehension about changing functions, as I always knew where I was going, and AXA supported me along the way, even helping me get a Masters to further bolster my skills. My top tip if you want experience different roles? Always speak freely to your manager and share your objectives, so they can help you on your path.

Want to go International?

A great part of AXA’s appeal as an employer, is our global presence – we do span 62 countries after all! Because who hasn’t daydreamed of working abroad in countries as varied as Brazil, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong; simultaneously soaking-in a new culture and work environment?

Kin Patel
Deputy Head of the IT Audit Task Force

I had a 10-year plan when I first started at AXA in London, and that was to experience different areas of the business to understand how they interact with each other to deliver Group vision and services we deliver for our customers. This to intensify and broaden my skillset, as to my mind the kind of leaders we need in the future are not only experts, but leaders who also understand how different departments fit together to embark everyone on the journey to delivery company’s vision and purpose. To date I have worked in Learning and Development, IT and Customer service operations department before moving to Paris in July 2015 to work in Finance department as Executive Assistant to the Group CFO. Since September 2017, I am working in Group Security. AXA has invested and supported me in my journey by taking risk and demonstrating courage to allow me to explore different parts of the business, with no previous experience. It is a courageous move - both on my part and that of the company - as it gave me room to make mistakes whilst broadening my skillset. That’s the reason why I have stayed with AXA beyond my 10 year plan, because its values, of courage and integrity truly resonate with me and has helped me to progress my career.

Are you next?

In 2017
788 people
took up international assignments at AXA

We are seeing short-term assignments growing more than long-term assignments. This is testament to AXA’s flexibility, and ability to keep pace with a generation of workers who relish new experiences and opportunities.

So, now the next question is: where in the world will you be living/working when you join AXA?

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