Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files that are sent by a website / and or application and stored on the user’s computer. They are widely used to increase websites responsiveness, as well as to provide internet traffic information to the owners of the website.

Date of the last update : 06/05/2019

This site uses cookies which can be classified in the following categories:

1. Categories of cookies placed on website

We use various cookies on the site to improve the site’s interactivity and the quality of our services.

A. Internal cookies mandatory for the website to function

These cookies are critical to ensure this website operate correctly and you can’t cannot block them.

These cookies are required for the functioning of this website and cannot be blocked because the refusal of cookies may deprive you of certain services.

Name Function Duration
allowCookies Save choices you make about cookies 13 months
restriction_ & currentCountry Save location information declared by a user of this website 24 hours
Local Know the language chosen by the user Browser Session
6c1193d1ed1a29285bc69ff007df5431 This cookie is set by Opencamp routers. Required by the infrastructure Browser Session
BIGipServer~production~PO_OPENCAMP_PROD Save session on a redundant infrastructure Browser Session
MetrixLabp54012_fr Allows you to control the frequency of display of the window inviting users to answer the e-corporate barometer survey 180 days
ps-ares-warning Allows the management of the warning modal display for IE11 13 months
ps-ares-toc-cookie Allows the display of the summary button at the first visit of the user 13 months

When you refuse a cookie, an opt-out cookie is placed on your device.

If you delete this opt-out cookie, it will no longer be possible to identify you as having refused cookies. Similarly, when you agree about cookies, an opt-in cookie is placed. Opt-in and opt-out cookies should remain on your device because they are required for the functioning of this website and the respect of your rights.

B. Performance Cookies

To adapt our website to the evolving needs of our visitors, we track and measure the number of visits, page views, visitor activity on our site and their rate of return. uses AT Internet and Google Analytics which place the following cookies:

Name Function Maximum Duration
ga, _ga_expiration, _gid, _gat, AMP_TOKEN, gac Google Analytics 13 months
xtor, xtor + numsite, xtdate, xtdate + numsite, xtgo, xtord, xtocl, xtocl + numsite, xtidc, xtan, xtan + numsite, xtanrd, xtatrd, xtant, xtref, xtvrn, idrxvr, tmst AT Internet 13 months

In addition, we also collect your IP address to determine the city from which you are connecting. This is immediately anonymized after use. AXA cannot, under any circumstances, identify a natural person.

AXA retains cookies for 13 months from collection. For further information regarding the collection and processing of personal data that the said cookies may contain, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

You can choose to refuse cookies and statistical analysis of your browsing data. Click here to manage your cookies.

C. Third-party Cookies to improve interactivity

Some features of this site rely on services offered by third-party sites. These include:

  • sharing buttons (facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • integrated tweets (Twitter)
  • interactive timelines (facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • videos (Youtube)

These features use their-party cookies, which are placed by these services, allowing them to track your navigation. During your first visit to, a banner informs you about these cookies and invites you to manage your preferences.

These cookies are saved on your device only if you accept them. You can find out more, accept or refuse these cookies either for the whole website or service by service.

Click here to manage your cookies.

2. Manage your cookies via your browser

You can choose at any time to disable all cookies, except required cookies for the functioning of this website and presented in section 1.A. which cannot be blocked because the refusal of cookies may deprive you of certain services.

However, your user experience may be negatively affected. If you want to disable only the cookies that are not essential to make the site work correctly, please use our cookie management page.

Here are the procedures to block any cookie from your browser options:

3. Notice update

We reserve the right to make any changes and corrections to this notice. Please refer to this page on a regular basis to be informed about modifications that may affect you.